KMCO Group has consistently delivered the stability and engineering professionalism demanded by our clients and customers throughout London, the Midlands, South of England and Ireland. We believe that when it comes to building networks for FTTP and related services, we do it better than anyone else. We achieve this by continually investing in our people who all take great pride in their quality of work, fleet and work management systems, presentation and the ability to build strong and long-lasting customer relationships, which ensures we provide our clients with a world class level of service.


Telecommunications is an art, and we’re certainly proud masters of our craft. Every one of our passionate and driven workforce strives for excellence in everything they do, with our overall aim being simple; to provide a flawlessly adept reliable service to telecommunications and information technology businesses, looking to secure their data in the modern age.

Our mission at KMCO Group is to be a market leader in customer service. We are implementing rigorous assessment and training within every area of our business to ensure that no matter what we do, KMCO Group is determined to exceed customer expectations.


KMCO Group has built a reputation for quality, integrity and goodwill which is the cornerstone of our success. We’ve always held a firm belief that the best way to be a great company and to deliver value to our customers is to be fair, honest and ethical in our business practices and personal behavior at work.

Our in-house consultancy teams can plan, design and implement any network requirement you may have.

Regardless of challenges, we’ll work with you to deliver any project.


KMCO Group have invested heavily in our new company database – CORAS, which allows our engineers to login and update / track job’s in real-time. A valued asset to both our customers and the team. We have also made substantial investment in staying secure with mobile device management applications.

KMCO Group continuously provides a well-balanced service in our industry, meeting ambitious targets whilst maintaining quality, safety and customer focus. KMCO Group maintains the flexibility that is crucial in our sector which puts our service a notch above our competitors. In January 2018, we opened our first training school in Gillingham, Kent and we will continue to invest in our training facilities and staff to create a workforce that are second to none.


Over the past 14 years, KMCO Group have built an enviable reputation in the industry we serve, by providing a second-to-none, rapid and reliable service across all types of sectors throughout the UK. We’re approachable, practical, cost efficient and experienced. We focus on challenges that help our customers succeed with exactly the right cabling / technical solution.

What we do expands to many different types of services provided to organisations both big and small.

  • We supply turnkey solutions for the Telecommunication Industry
  • 20 years’ experience in industry
  • Highly trained engineers
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Reliability and a focus on customer care