About Us

about us

KMCO Group provides a wide range of services to the telecommunications industry and we have grown to be a much broader organisation and our services include the supply of skilled operatives to delivering a full turnkey solution.

Since our creation in 2004 we’ve expanded our service offerings massively, we were initially a relatively specific business set up to supply skilled and high-qualified operatives in the communication industry.

Nowadays we’re a fully-fledged one-stop shop for everything telecommunications. We can provide a complete, comprehensive turnkey solution to remedy any problem you may have through our services in the following:

  • Cable installation
  • Cable splicing and termination
  • Network audits and design
  • Testing and commissioning
  • CCTV installation

Our staff are the heart of our business. We’re extremely proud of the growth we’ve undergone in recent years and recognise that this is wholly down to the amazing people who keep us going. Together, our workforce has taken up the mission of achieving our expansion by combining their collective wealth of knowledge and expert customer care to create a winning combination that works for you. We don’t just get the job done, we do it better than anyone else.

As well as having our own team of highly accomplished in-house engineers, our journey has seen us forge partnerships with some of the most renowned specialist engineering companies in the country. The result? An unrivalled service for you.

We saw the fruits of our labour when we were involved in one of the biggest of big jobs in 2012; The London Olympics. Selected due to our expert knowledge of fibre-optic cabling/Jointing and experience of confined space workings, we were delighted to be given the responsibility of completing the splicing and termination of all the fibre-optic cables for the cavernous, six-kilometre-long tunnel between West Ham and Hackney.

In total we fitted three cables in the tunnel that would enable communication, thermal sensing and motion detection for surveillance purposes. Each cable had a different purpose but all were equally as important considering the scale and magnitude of the event, and we’re proud to say that we delivered on time and on budget. Since then we’ve gone from strength to strength and acquired a collection of high-level customers including BT, Virgin Media, Vodafone, Easynet, Interoute and Prysmian.

Telecommunications is an art, and we’re certainly proud masters of our craft. Every one of our passionate and driven workforce strives for excellence in everything they do, with our overall aim being simple; to provide a flawlessly adept and reliable service to telecommunications and information technology businesses looking to secure their data in the modern age.


OUR future

KMCO Group we focus on achieving our vision to become a world class leader in delivering innovative and robust solutions, we intend to push our offered services internationally, opening up new markets and opportunities. Our priorities groupwide will be to accelerate our growth, continue to develop a world class talent pool, further our skills in key strategic areas and continue on our route to providing a safe and healthy workplace for everyone. We will continue to invest in our training facilities to create a workforce that are second to none.