Our Vision

Established in 2004, KMCO Group was formed with a solid foundation of experienced network engineers, in Hertfordshire, England, where the company’s head office still resides today. The core technologies provided by KMCO Group include Intelligent Infrastructure & Management Solutions in cable installation, that delivers full visibility and management capability to our clients. KMCO Group solutions are delivered to market through a network of high-caliber service and installation partners. Our company uses distribution specialists and an army of trained, accredited installers who ensure that the correct system solutions are deployed and installed every time.

KMCO Group has consistently delivered the stability and engineering professionalism demanded by our clients and customers throughout London, the Midlands, South of England and Ireland. We believe that when it comes to building networks for FTTP and related services, we do it better than anyone else. We achieve this by continually investing in our people who all take great pride in their quality of work, fleet and work management systems, presentation and the ability to build strong and long-lasting customer relationships, which ensures we provide our clients with a world class level of service.

At KMCO Group it is understood that in today’s world, connecting people and ensuring they have a positive experience while receiving a quality product is everything! We work on a ‘right-first-time’ ethos and our professionalism is one of our key strengths; aiming to be fully competitive in terms of both price and delivery by providing an optimum service that offers a superior quality service in comparison to other telecommunication solution providers.

KMCO Group has built a reputation for quality, integrity and goodwill which is the cornerstone of our success. We’ve always held a firm belief that the best way to be a great company and to deliver value to our customers is to be fair, honest and ethical in our business practices and personal behavior at work.

Regardless of challenges, we’ll continue to live and operate by the highest standards of ethics. As the environment in which we do business continues to change, we’ll meet the future with the same steadfast commitment to honesty, fairness, and transparency that has kept us strong for over 10 years.


KMCO create the first Network Mapping & Record-Keeping App for the Telecoms Industry

MapAll can digitally log the exact route and status of any telecommunications cable and fibre optic joint with the click of a button to create infrastructure maps for network operators.