Release of 'CORAS' KMCO Group database

A database is an organized collection of information. Businesses can use databases in a number of different ways. A database can help you organize information about your customers and clients. A database can contain information about your product inventory and also track sales, expenses and other financial information.

The purpose of a database is to help your business stay organized and keep information easily accessible, so that you can use it.

A lot of Businesses are heavy users of Microsoft Excel or Google spreadsheets.  A spreadsheet may seem similar to a database.  But a spreadsheet is not nearly as powerful as a database for large volumes of information.

Also, getting information into and out of spreadsheets can be clunky.  You may have to do a lot of manual data entry, or manually exporting and importing data to other programs.


Databases can make your organization much more efficient and give management valuable insights.  They help make sense of your information. They can help you make your products and services more valuable.


With our staff and crews now working on one system everybody has access to required information at any time. We have also invested in mobile tablets/phones for all our crews so all updating can be done live from site. We believe that this new system will help KMCO Group to deliver the top-class service our clients now expect.