24/7 Emergency Response on Virgin Media's Network


Virgin Media 24/7 Emergency response contract awarded to KMCO Group from Kelly Communications.


KMCO Group under the contract entailed a number of different works streams which included 24/7 response teams based strategically inside the M25 ring covering this whole area of London/Great London and also in the East Anglia area enabling KMCO Group to provide a 2 Hour Emergency response to any network fault.

KMCO Group provided a 24hrs call centre to react and respond to all callouts. We tracked all stores. Installed copper & fibre cabling, completed all jointing and testing where required to fix these faults in all of these areas. We helped develop and maintain a web-based real-time faults database to update the client on fault progress. KMCO Group handled 1500 faults on this contract.


Dedicated office staff to handle calls and real-time updates to the client.

Provided well trained, qualified engineers who had full knowledge of the VM Network.

KMCO Group were able to mobilise quickly to respond to all callouts due to Vehicle tracking systems.


“My experience with KMCO Group on this contract exceeded my expectations. KMCO Group ability to react to this work stream was exceptional. There constant commitment to providing a quality service and their reliability was outstanding”.

Rashid Collins

Area Manager London & EA

Kelly Communications