KMCO have an internal division to deal with all the aspects of network planning and design. By liaising closely with the client and performing a full network audit if required, KMCO will be able to identify any weaknesses in the network and recommend needs or benefits that can be achieved effectively.


KMCO have a highly skilled group of engineers fully trained and experienced in all test activities within the telecommunications industry.Optic fibre cable: KMCO Optical test engineers have a complete range of modern test instruments. They carry out ILM tests on multi and single mode cable wavelengths, ranging from 850nm to 1635nm and OTDR traces can be stored and analysed on hard and soft copy. For broadband networks, we have state of the art equipment to carry out Chromatic Dispersion and Polarisation Dispersion (PMD) tests. Copper cable: KMCO engineers can carry out all the range of electrical tests for copper access networks, Cat5 LANs and coaxial cables. All our electronic equipment is up-to-date and therefore ideal for commissioning and testing suitable analogue and digital subscribers, loops, telephone lines, modem circuits, DDS, ISN, ADSL, HDSL, ISDN and XDSL - plus standard resistance and insulation measurement capability. Our test and commissioning capabilities include: - Standalone testing of network elements - Link testing - Ring testing - PDH / SDH / Sonet - WDM / DWDM - PMD / CD 1 - Copper and Coaxial