Olympic Tunnel




On the first tunnel between West Ham and Hackney, KMCO services were awarded the contract from Prysmian for the splicing and termination of all the fibre optic cables that run throughout this vast six kilometre tunnel. These fibre optic cables had specific instructions to carry out individual purposes. The first cable was a Low Smoke 24 fibre (Internal/External) consisting of 20 multi-mode fibres and 4 single mode fibres. This carried communications between sub-stations on the Energis network (Cable & Wireless). The cable length was approximately 6 kilometres. The second cable was a Low Smoke 4 fibre (Internal/External) consisting of 4 multi-mode fibres. OUR TECHNICAL STAFF COMPRISES OF A FINE GROUP OF HIGHLY These act as the Distributed Thermal Sensor (DTS) which attaches to the 400KV power cable to SKILLED PROFESSIONALS WITH TELECOMMUNICATIONS EXPERTISE. measure the intensity of temperature in a set location. The third cable was also a low smoke (Internal/External) 4 fibre cable consisting again of 4 multi- mode fibres. It had a dual purpose: • Enablement of continuous Partial Discharge monitoring of signals between power stations • Enablement of surveillance monitoring. This type of monitoring is alerted by motion detection


The tunnels were completed on time and the over ground electricity pylons were removed due to the power and fibre cabling being installed as planned. KMCO Services were selected to provide the fibre optic cabling based on our expertise and specialist knowledge and experience of confined spaces. We delivered our part of this project on time and to budget.